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Friday, June 15, 2007


* The Live PDX blog quotes me in their End of Ozone story. A little fudging there, as the writer says she asked me to share my memories. Pretty sure I wrote that on my own, but no worries.

* Colleen Mondor recommends Sarah Grace McCandless' The Girl I Wanted to Be on her Bookslut Summer Reading List, and gives me credit for telling her to read the book. I don't doubt that I did, but it's funny, I have zero recollection of having done so.

* This awesome Geneva fan site has added Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? to their links page. Thanks, guys! For those wondering about this band, A Place in the Space is about all you need.

The book is actually running a little behind schedule because the graphic designer has been sick. Thankfully, we started ahead of schedule, so it should all even out. I'm just bothered because I won't be able to stop obsessing about it until they take it out of my hands. I should be finishing up the second proofread of the typesetting today, and I hope that will be it.

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