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Friday, June 29, 2007



* Broken English, an amazing Parker Posey can't even save the debut feature of Zoe Cassavetes (daugther of John)

* Ratatouille, the crowd-pleasing new Pixar movie directed by Brad Bird


* Echo & the Bunnymen: Dancing Horses, a new DVD of an excellent 2005 concert

* If.... - Criterion Collection, the subversive British classic from the late 1960s

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Jenny said...

I had my doubts about Ratatouille, but never any doubts about Brad Bird. I know that John actively doesn't want to see it, but I'm going to see if I can get into the El Cap to check it out.

Thanks for the review, prodding me to just go and get it done. I've got a lot of movies on the "I guess I could see this maybe" list, and it's good to know I'm heading to something I'll actually enjoy.

mcoale said...

Even in a movie about cartoon rat, there's a reference to Audrey.

Anonymous said...

You are right on in your review of Ratatouille! Some of the other studios (including non-Pixar Disney) can make reasonably entertaining animations (i enjoyed Surf's Up and Meet The Robinsons, but there's no comparison to what Pixar does. Even from a technical point of view, for modelling, texturing, lighting, effects, believable character animation, no one else is in their league. The best thing was, when the movie was set up, i had no idea where the story would end up (happy ending to be sure, but what would that look like?).

My favourite part of Lifted was the first attempt out the window, where just before, we couldn't see the relative position - i love that kind of play.

I also agree on the voice acting thing.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was me!