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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Why is this man smiling?

Because the novel about him just put to bed and is going to the printer.

That's right, after days and days of proofreading and design, the monster has finally been subdued. Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? is going to press.

I have a special preview of the second chapter of the book, which gives a rundown of who Percy is and what happened to him. Download it, read it, love it!

Note that this is a special chapter, one of two that are "reprints" of magazine articles. The rest of the book is pretty standard as far as prose, though I think how I've chosen to tell the story will surprise and hopefully delight.

Now we're in a race to see if we can pull off Love the Way You Love #5 before the San Diego Con window shuts. Marc has worked his ass off to move this book back to being on time, but the toning is getting away from him. If you have digital toning skills, read his post. He's looking for help.

Addendum: I was just reading a piece with Morrissey on True To You, mere moments after posting here. He is answering reader questions, and one seems eerily apropos to Horizon.

What is your most important inspiration when you write songs?

Maria Eliana
Santiago, Chile

"These days it's unashamedly my own emotional position, which I now admit to being quite odd. When you're 23 you have poetic license to be searching and confused and obsessed with suicide and greatness in equal measure. But I am now 48 and can no longer be said to be developing a philosophy of life. Things, by now, are meant to be settled. For me, they aren't. I'm still trying to make sense of a world that makes none. As far as romance is concerned, my life has always been absurd, so it's only by the power of song that I attempt to keep body and soul together."

Replace the word "song" with "literature," and you have Percival Mendelssohn.

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Jenny said...

I'm excited to read the final version in a pretty pretty bound book. Congratulations on locking in what is arguably your finest piece of work to date.

mcoale said...

is that george clooney?