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Monday, November 10, 2008

"Push me, shove me
I don't call that love me
Call that over

Joëlle posted this to her blog...

The first page of "The Jailhouse Swing," to appear in Popgun vol. 3 from Image Comics early next year.

Written by me, drawn by Joëlle Jones
Colored by Laura Allred
Lettered by Douglas E. Sherwood


Joëlle also continues to get positive reviews for her work on Token:

* From Eye on Comics:
"Jones clearly has a great eye for anatomy. She seems to capture the natural lines of the human body with seeming ease. Her style is a looser one, but the sketchy linework converges to create convincing figures and backdrops. Shira is perfectly proportioned. She’s not a rake-thin, supermodel type, but she’s stunning in a way that one can believe she doesn’t even recognize. The artist portrays Shira as voluptuous, but she doesn’t vamp her up, doesn’t oversexualize her. Occasionally, Jones resorts to cartoony exaggeration to convey the reactions (or overreactions) of some of the characters, and Shira’s grandmother is always depicted as more of a caricature than a character. But overall, the visuals are attractive. I think if there’s one thing Jones conveys better above all else is tenderness between two characters. That stood out in 12 Reasons, and it stands out here."

* Bookslut:
"The one aspect of Token that I really want to stress is the way the authors look at how a parent’s second marriage can affect a child. Just the notion of her father being serious with someone is hard for Shira and when he makes changes to their lives to accommodate his new love (who is a very kind woman), Shira is deeply shaken. As much as the story is about her own teenage issues though it is also about how all too often parents do not realize how fragile the lives of the children can be. Family is a bedrock thing and when it changes for any reason, it can be very hard to take. Just how hard is what Token is all about and any teen who has been through the blended family experience is going to fall for this one."

* Making It Up as I Go:
"It’s a lovely story, reminiscent of the films Shira loves, and Joelle’s art is so vivid and so alive that when I think back on the story I remember it as though I watched a movie."

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