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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today is the day.

Everyone eligible to vote in the U.S. needs to get out there and do so. To not do so is to be complicit in whatever lame decisions your fellow citizens make. To not do so is to tell the people in charge that you don't care, they can do what they want. To no do so is to simply waste one of the best things this country allows us.

Of course, you know who has my vote.

The drawing was taken from Scott Morse, who encourages your voting on his blog.

And if somehow you still haven't made up your mind, spend some time at Christine Norrie's site. In a rather gutsy move, she's been devoting her blog over the last couple of months to discussing Obama and providing lots of information to keep people motivated.

This is going to be a truly historic day when Obama wins. We will be the people who tell the rest of the world that the United States has grown up, that we have restored the American Dream and gotten past prejudice and made that old hokey notion that anyone could be President a reality. We're also saying that the last eight years of bullying and selfishness and misguided policies are not something we wish to continue as our legacy.

Whoever you oppose in this election counts on you to be lazy and stay home, to not carry through with your promise to vote for the other guy. Because if enough of the people who have pledged their support to any one candidate shirk their responsibility, the foundation crumbles.


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