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Monday, November 03, 2008


Oh, so quiet around here. Last week we had the return of Portland rain, a ton of movies to watch, and a nearly averted hard drive crash to distract us and conspire to make sure we really had nothing to say.

I return today with a couple of items.

* First, an appearance this Thursday at a comic book gallery show in conjunction with Wordstock. The short of it is that Joëlle will be displaying some pages and I'll be reading a comic book story, hopefully with visual back-up.

The long of it, from the site:

In their first partnership ever, Wordstock & Stumptown Comics Fest present a Graphic Novel First Thursday.  Featuring both original comic book art & the literary masterpieces of Portland graphic novelists, this event is certain to entertain both your eyes and ears.  

If you're new to the genre or a fanboy, you'll meet the artists that are behind the explosion of Portland comics.  See and hear from the likes of Carolyn Main, Jamie Rich & Joelle Jones, Graham Annable, Eisner winner Shannon Wheeler, and debut novelist Jesse Reklaw. 

Join us First Thursday, November 6 at Fuzzy Glamour Gallery, 625 NW Everett St. #111 in Portland. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., readings begin at 6:45 p.m., and admission is free!

Despite what the listing says, neither myself nor Joëlle currently has plans to appear at the festival itself.

* Speaking of Joëlle, her book Token got a great write-up at the Bust blog:

"I have a new art crush.

Joelle Jones won me over in about .2 seconds with her work on this newest Minx graphic novel.

I must admit I feel a kinship with the protagonist, Shira, a curvy Jewish girl with short hair, retro style, and a closer relationship with her grandmother’s best friend than with girls her own age."

More in the link. As there is also an even longer review at Broken Frontier, a sample of which:

"The biggest highlight of the graphic novel however is the art by Joëlle Jones (best known for her work on 12 Reasons Why I Love Her). Jones has a very assured cartoonist’s style, a fine line that results in clean beautiful imagery with a sense of fun and personality. She is a talented storyteller in her own right, conveying much in the expressions and posture of the characters and the "camera" angles of the comic’s panels."

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