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Monday, November 17, 2008


I wish I could say that when I don't update my blog it's because I'm busy in a good way, but that's not always true. I think active blog times most likely go with good, fertile creative times, and whereas last week I was busting my ass, I also had a few demoralizing setbacks over the course of the week that made me want to turn from the computer in despair. Oh, woe is me!

Plus, fatigued eyes. They burrrrrrn. Double woe!

Anway, last week I worked on 5 1/2, a script rewrite on the ninth volume of Angel Diary, and ten script pages for the project with Tran Ngo that I hinted at quite some time ago.

In terms of other projects:

* BP & MJ is currently roaming the aisles looking for a seat.

* Lying Down should be very close to an announcement soon.

* You Have Killed Me is just a couple of weeks away from being done. Joëlle's new pages look unbelievable. We'll be going straight from that into our Madman Atomic Comics story, which should round out the year.

* I am going to be experimenting with a new approach to Love the Way You Love that may or may not go anywhere, so don't hate on me if you never hear about it again.

Yesterday, I did manage to leave the house and go see Role Models, which was good fun for a Sunday afternoon. I had a double-dose of Paul Rudd man crush this weekend, what with him hosting SNL, too (plus, they had Justin!). The climactic elements of Role Models were a little predictable in that underdog comedy way, but the scenario was really funny (live action role playing!), so it doesn't really matter. My favorite stuff was Rudd's caustic and futile battles against improperly used language, though that did strike a little close to home in a scene where he argues with a guy about a Wings song. I could definitely hear myself in that exchange, and I felt like the movie was nerd-baiting me by letting certain linguistic mistakes pass unchallenged.

Like when Seann William Scott's character, who flubs his words a lot, says, "You've been here ten years, and that's almost a decade." Thankfully, for those who might not have caught the joke, we had a running audio commentary from an overweight bald man sitting behind us, and he announced, "No, that's exactly a decade." Maybe it's his overwhelming math skills that have made this poor gentleman the lonely soul crying out for attention that he is. Too smart for the world, he was shunned by the other kids, and now he sits alone in movie theatres trying to get people to see that he is the clever friend they have been looking for, that pal you always wanted that can both predict a coming joke ("Wait for it!"), comment on it ("Whaaaaa?"), or enhance it through explanatory repetition. It started with the Twilight trailer, during which he said, "If you go see this, you're part of the problem!" and loudly proclaimed, "Lame!" At which point I thought the teenage girls in the same row as he was were going to start a rumble. (They were funny, too, gasping every time we saw boobies in the movie. Granted, they were nice boobies.) I felt bad for the guy, he was probably in his mid-20s, and here we were watching a movie about misfits with no one to go to the movies with them, just like him. Maybe I should have offered to be his Big Brother, and we could have found some common ground and I could turn his life around.

So, yeah, Role Models = good. Next time, though, more Elizabeth Banks, please. We need to integrate these girlfriend roles into the boy movies better, boys!

Current Soundtrack: Amy Poehler's latest "Smart Girls at the Party" (ummmm, probably not for me, I don't think I'm the audience here); Christina Aguilera, "Genie 2.0/Keeps Gettin' Better/Dynamite/You Are What You Are (Beautiful)"

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David said...

You definitely need to be that guy's big brother. Turn his life around!