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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Comic Book Resources has put up a preview of Madman Atomic Comics vol. 2, which collects issue #s 8-13. Go here to read a few pages from #8.

This book will go on sale this coming Wednesday, March 11. This is the cover:

The collection has a ton of extras, including a long look at the construction of #9, which you may recall was the one that ran as one continuous piece of action.

An Amazon link: Madman Atomic Comics Volume 2: Electric Allegories! (v. 2)


It's kind of funny seeing people in the comics field, fans and pros alike, fume about changes that were made to the Watchmen movie, particularly the ending, which I had no problem with--though I also had no problem with the original ending of the book and find them both to be equally implausible when you get right down to it. Still, it's "the studios this" and "Hollywood that" and "the studios, Hollywood, the studios."

I'm sorry Team Comics, but I am not sure we all have much room to get upset about what adaptations do to our precious classics, since the screwing goes both ways. Has anyone ever stopped to think about the staggering amount of bad comics that have been made either adapting or, most often worse, spinning out of Hollywood movies? Even the great untouchable Alan Moore wrote a couple of Star Wars tales once upon a time, and if they weren't crappy, people might actually remember them.

The big difference, actually, is that as an industry, comics continue to be developmentally disabled, so that when we adapt successful properties, it's rare that anyone makes any money. Maybe that's what we're really sore about. As I said to someone else recently, "That high horse of yours is a My Little Pony."

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