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Monday, March 02, 2009


* Madman Atomic Comics #14 is on sale this week. It features two short stories, one by Mike Allred and the other by Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone.

Joëlle is pencilling our story for #16, which is also in the new Diamond Previews alongside You Have Killed Me. May should be a good month for us. The pages she have done so far are remarkable.

* I really like this page that Natalie Nourigat posted the other day. The construction of it is really swell.

It's from a Virginia Woolf-adaptation/minicomic she plans to have at Stumptown. More details here, here, and everywhere.

* I also really like this panel from a page Nico sent me:

I actually have a near-complete draft of Spell Checkers vol. 1 written now. I just have to write a two or three page epilogue, which I am going to let simmer for a bit, probably until after I've read over what I've already done.

* And I still really want this. I can't help it.

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