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Saturday, April 19, 2003


My blog got its first piece of random mail from someone I had no prior knowledge of. It was titled "confessions of a real pop fan." It made me laugh, I'll say.

Hi mate,

I was just going to write something in my blog when the name of yours caught my eye. I don't usually click on the links on the side, but I have at various times considered calling my blog Confessions Of A Pop Fan, so obviously I was intrigued.

I've allways been going to call mine that because that's basically what mine is. Me and my mate Michael just write collective amounts of crap on being a Pop fan, being part of the much maligned minority group that we are.

I quickly saw references to Sailor Moon and David Bowie on your site, both personal heroes of mine. However, I see that you have a strong love for The Indie, a genre that we love to diss' (we are also Marky Mark fans), which would make me wonder what sort of pop fan you are matey! An ironic one? haha, I couldn't quite figure it out.

Anyway mate, stay cool then!


Though I assurred Crystal that there was no irony intended, and that I really did love pop music, a quick look at her blog reveals she has me beat. It's actually a pretty fun site once you decide to just roll with its bonza nature. Still can't have the title, though. ;)

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