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Friday, April 11, 2003


It’s good to be back on Gravitation. I started book 2 on Wednesday, and did the whole first quarter. Going to work my way through the second this evening before knocking off for the night. My deadline is 4/25, but I’ve been asked to deliver early if I can. Yeah, I know, if it were me I’d feel like an idiot if I asked a freelancer that—but I am sweet and adorable and just might do it, if only to save my editors from their secret inner shame. At the very least, I could give them half the book on Monday.

Simon & Garfunkle, Sounds of Silence

The characters in this manga have a much more natural feel. There’s a lot more flexibility to the story and their speech, as well as a higher grade of emotion. It’s a more satisfying exercise, writing-wise, than Clamp School Detectives was. I also think I feel a bit more free since it’s not as big a book popularity-wise. You know the CLAMP fans are watching your every move, and you have to be careful. Not only do they know the material already, but they know it in multiple languages, and they’re inspecting every syllable for a misstep.

Current Soundtrack: OMD, Organisation (UK 2003 remaster)


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