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Sunday, April 20, 2003



This is very unlike me. I am not a sharing kind of guy. I like to work in private for the most part. But what the hell…I think I just need to show my work a little, like a math test, prove something exists—however rough it may be.

A few things. Yes, my cat is a character. You’d be surprised how easy it is to fill a gap by looking over your shoulder and seeing what a furball is doing.

In the middle of the section, there is a quick reference to him speaking with someone named Lori. Don’t be confused. He is actually relating the date to someone, and we have been weaving in and out of their conversation. (These pages are in the 30s in the manuscript.)

And yes, the style shifts in the middle, too. The style shifts more than you’ve seen yet. There are three distinctive narrative voices, all centered around Lance, as well as a couple of extra techniques. The conversation technique is a direct lift from This Side of Paradise.

Finally, please don’t spread it. Don’t like to it. Don’t tell your friends. Just let is sit here. My e-mail is below if you really wanna say something. (Yes, I am deluded with grandeur.)

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