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Friday, April 04, 2003


The Who, Who’s Next: Deluxe Edition, disc 2

I’m writing on the evening of April 3, though most likely this won’t be posted until the morning of April 4. I’m working away from home, and I doubt I’ll fire up this machine again when I get home. I got attitude from the Starbucks barista. I ordered a grande chai, and as I considered a snack, she asked if I wanted to enhance my chai with anything. “Yeah,” I said, “milk.” She laughed and said, “Well, it comes with that.” Not gonna enhance the tip jar, now, am I?

Writing today comes in waves. Sometimes I can get some momentum rolling, but then I slam into a particularly dense page and it slows everything down. Not sure why I find Clamp School Detectives so difficult. Maybe it’s not girly enough for me. Perhaps it’s the sheer one-dimensional nature of all the boys. They all have one flat tone—different tones, but just one tone each—that is suggested in their dialogue already, leaving little for creativity. I got the first printed book from Jake the other day, and it’s an impressive package—thick and slick. I know I would enjoy this if I were reading it, and it could be a particularly fun anime, but as an assignment…well, let’s say I’ll be glad when I’m done tomorrow and it’s the last volume.

Elbow, Asleep at the Back. A woman near me says, “You don’t go to Starbucks when you just want a cup of coffee. That would just be a waste.” She talks so loud I have to turn my music up to keep her tone from riding underneath it.

At one point the bad guys call Suoh a punk. I want to get a hate letter that tells me that he’s no punk and that I need to stop exploiting punk culture. Like the guy that went off on Hopeless Savages on Newsarama way back when. You know, the good ol’ days.


One thing that came out of a discussion on the Oni board about Wednesday’s Confessions post is that I did leave off one non-ego element of my pitch to DC—I didn’t think my own skills were my true key to success. To be perfectly honest, I was hoping to ride Chynna’s coattails. I figured she was the golden ticket into the Chocolate Factory, that it would be her they’d want the most. She’s opened other doors. Everyone wants Chynna. Anyway, it seems that people liked seeing a stillborn idea, so I may unleash my Marvel pitches in the coming days if you guys want. Drop me an e-mail, let me know.

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