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Friday, April 11, 2003


#3 in a series!

My second Marvel proposal, the tentatively titled X-Love, didn’t actually make it very far. The editor liked it and I think tossed the idea around, but I think at that point there started to be questions about me as a writer. I never really understood what exactly was going on, but there was also a breakdown in some rumored activity between that entity and Oni, rumors Oni ultimately decided to undo. (Cryptic much?)

So, what you’re reading is a rough. It likely needs some proofing, but I am lazy, as we know. It was sent in to the editor I was talking to and Chynna, who was going to draw it, to see what they thought of the direction I was taking. The lifts from Peach Girl will be fairly obvious to fans of that excellent manga series, but seeing as the company was looking for new books that would appeal to the teenage-girl manga crowd (yes, Wallflower, there are reasons why I pitch what I do! Ha!), it seemed as good a model as any to look at. Besides, the general plot of Peach Girl is pretty basic romantic soap opera, and the adolescent angst is pretty standard, as well—so it’s not like that book invented what I am taking from it.

And yes, once again I was using Chynna for my own selfish ends. It's good to surround yourself with your famous friends. If you go into battle, you take the best weapons, yes? (I actually tried to get Christine Norrie or my pal Duncan Rouleau considered for the Cypher & Warlock stuff.) Truth be told, I only have my Tokyopop work because Jake originally was looking to talk to Chynna, and I wedged my foot in the door and wouldn't take it out until they gave me something to do. Without her, it seems, I am nothing.

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