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Monday, April 07, 2003


Okay, well, at least two of you want to read these, and for all I know, that's most of you, so here are the first of my Marvel pitches. They are actually two versions of the same pitch, for a series starring Cypher and Warlock in the Marvel Mangaverse, which I assume now has been superceded by Tsunami. The first version is what I initially turned in. I basically wanted to take these two characters and mash together two manga genres--the boy and his robot, and the girly hero manga. The former came with the absent father subplot, and the latter I tried to turn on its ear by messing with gender. Consider if Sailor Moon were a man, and Tuxedo Mask was a woman. That's what I was going for.

The second version here is actually the third version overall, after some fine tuning done with the editor. The name Warlock was dropped, as apparently there might be some itnernal prejudice against the character thanks to its involvement in some bad story line or other. It has also has a new, computer-oriented name. I don't recall it being too amazingly different than that, though, and I am too lazy to read these again. The plan was to eventually reveal the character as Warlock for those who didn't get it, but we would try to slide it under the door this way.

The biggest tragedy of the book never happening is it would have pissed off Matt Fraction, who had some kind of twisted take on the same characters. For all I know, though, the joke is on me and he's sold the concept to Epic.

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