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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Let me save you the two hours it takes to watch the commentary with producer Richard Shepherd on the new Breakfast At Tiffany's: Anniversary Edition DVD by summing it up for you:

1. Gosh, people smoked a lot in 1960.
2. He's really sorry about Mickey Rooney.
3. People were skeptical about Audrey Hepburn being a girl who "gets $50 to go to the powder room."
4. Still, everyone loved her clothes.
5. All the people associated with the movie were total pros.
6. There were nine cats, not just one. All nine? Total pros.
7. Some of it was shot in NYC, most wasn't.
8. Pay attention to the Cracker Jack ring. It's important.
9. "This scene right here, this is what it's all about."

Repeat each several times, feeling free to switch up the order, and then you'll have it. I would have loved it if he had gone off on a scary tangent about how if each cat has nine lives, then really they had 81 cats on set, and how it blew his mind...but alas, he did not.

The other features are also pretty so-so (I think Paramount is still trying to get their lips off of the Tiffany corporation's ass), but worth the upgrade for the new transfer.

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