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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This is my Valentine to all the other misfits like me out there. I can't think of a more appropriate song to illustrate this corporate greeting-card raid on our self-esteem.

So, here in my role as Mercutio, who will clear the path for others to indulge in romance, I provide this mp3 to buck up the spirits of the castaways of the heart who need some support while everyone around them is receiving flowers.

The song itself is available here for 24 hours, unless James gets angry about my bandwidth suckage and cuts me off. I will delete it tonight as the day finally fades away.

Download "Especially For You"
(Please save to your desktop to play rather than streaming it off the site.)

If you have a Valentine--and I mean a real one, one who makes you smile and who will be going home with you tonight--and you download this song, I just want to thank you for horning in on our experience. For shame!

The Beautiful South - "Especially For You" Lyrics

Only buy this if you're lonely
Only listen if you're blue
If you are married and you are happy
This song is not to do with you

If you're listening at your work place
Feeling small amongst the men
Do not sing this to your workmates
This song is not to do with them

But if you're sitting on a barstool
Wondering what on earth to do
Don't let them tell you no-one cares
This song's one especially for you

If you are listening on your radio
Smiling while you drive along
Tune the band into another
Because this song is not your song

If you're working as a DJ
Leave this record in its sleeve
Cause this one's not for general airplay
This song's for the day she leaves

If you've bought this and you're sinking
And I think that you know who
It matters not the mouth that's singing
This song's one especially for you

So this goes out to the lonely
So this goes out to the sad
And it goes out to the only
One you felt you ever had

If you're there in total darkness
With a letter in your hand
Do not bother with the letter
lust listen to the band

So only buy this if you're lonely

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