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Friday, February 17, 2006


Karaoke Watch: Are people actually reading this blog? Because our karaoke spot was swamped last night. Are you all stalking me? I managed to pull off an impressive performance of Pulp's "Disco 2000," and I was only a little buzzed. So, I think we learned that while a little liquid courage is good, it's better to take just enough or the performance suffers. The whole night turned into an impromptu early birthday party for Joëlle, so she was able to convince the K.J. to squeeze me in at the end to do a birthday encore of "Beautiful." I got some parts better this time, flubbed some others. Still working on it. Our friend Eliza did a great "Copacabana," and Ms. Joëlle proved she is still the best with "Nothing Compares To U"--during which a drunk girl tried to pull me into a slow dance, I think mistaking me for another girl. Ooops.

And how sad is it that my local coffee shop baristas now expect me to show up hoarse on Friday mornings?

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