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Thursday, December 28, 2006


You see this guy?

He talks too much, he never shuts up.

And sometimes people put what he says on the internet.

It was an honor to be interviewed by Tom Spurgeon over at The Comics Reporter. He didn't throw me softballs, but some really good, incisive questions. Please, click and read.

A sample: "In truth, I think the comics community is still getting educated in romance. I remember back when I was editing Cheat by Christine Norrie, some people felt the story didn't bring anything new to the genre, and I felt like it did in that there isn't much to compare it to in comic books. I felt the same way about what Blankets did for coming of age stories in comics. We need to lay the groundwork for these genres that haven't traditionally been part of the sequential medium, and in that sense, we may have to tell some stories that might be considered conventional if done in a different format. Arguably, romance comics can work very well because comic books seduce through image and words, and most people are turned on by what they see and by what they hear. I think a beautifully executed drawing of the back of a man's hand brushing across a woman's cheek is a million times more effective than a drawing of a sock in the jaw. If you look at someone like Joelle Jones, she draws very sexy, and she can alter her line to make you feel a certain way. If you look at Reason 8 in our book, it's an extremely intimate sequence, composed entirely of tight shots and a sketchy, almost hazy look to how our lead female is drawn. It's very seductive, and I think for most readers, the point in the book where they know for sure they are in love with Gwen. That use of line, no other art form can compare."

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