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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Mumps Ellerby is talking about Love the Way You Love over at Newsarama. Read the interview, look at the art. Big up to Chris Arrant for using an obscure Depeche Mode reference for his title. He knows just how to woo me.

Volume 3 is on the Diamond shipping list this week, so it will be in stores, don't you fear.

12 Reasons Why I Love Her has made Don MacPherson's list of the Best Graphic Novels of 2006 over at Eye On Comics. Don also gives me some action in the writer category.

Joëlle Jones has also cracked the top 10 in the Brian Bendis Message Board's end of the year poll for best artists. She's the only woman and the only non-superhero artist to do so. They screwed up the credits when typing up the ballot, but never mind. If you have a membership over there but don't visit regularly, go vote. Or sign up and give our girl a good showing. Here's the thread.

Joëlle did the Oni Press Christmas card this year, as well, with colors by Keith Wood.

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Chris Arrant said...

Hah! I thought you'd catch that. I just started compiling a folder of Depeche Mode b-sides and remixes and the title jumped out at me for this piece.

Denny said...

I fixed Joelle's credits on the poll.