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Monday, December 25, 2006


For my Christmas present, Joëlle Jones drew me a picture for my Audrey Hepburn collection. She also framed it up in a custom-decorated frame, and it looks really smart next to the doll Ian gave me for my birthday.

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It's been an Audrey holiday. My friend Benrus sent me the amazing book The Audrey Hepburn Treasures.

It's not just a simple photo book, but an interactive object. Every few pages, there is a pocket full of all sorts of neat things, ranging from reproductions of her wartime identity card to programs from plays she was in and a letter from Cary Grant. For a subject that has been covered so exhaustively, it's amazing to see someone find a new approach.

He also tracked down a DVD burn of Green Mansions, one of Audrey's lesser-known films, directed by her then-husband, Mel Ferrer.

Now I can sit and look through my book, with the movie playing in front of me, the portrait next to it, and drink coffee out of the mug Chynna sent me:

Good times!

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