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Friday, January 19, 2007



* Brokeback Mountain: 2-Disc Collector's Edition, a reissue of Ang Lee's tale of tragic romance

* The Motel, a strange yet dry tale of a Chinese-American adolescence

* The Puffy Chair, an indie road trip movie about relationships that is surprisingly good

Current Workload: Delivered the final first draft of You Have Killed Me (181 pages) to Joëlle as she finishes up as short story we're doing for a new anthology; nearly done with Gatcha Gacha vol. 5 by Yutaka Tachibana for Tokyopop

Current Soundtrack: Playlist of Smiths & Morrissey covers (feat. Magic Numbers, Sons and Daughters, Jake Hayter, Sandie Shaw (w/ the Smiths), the Killers)

Current Mood: creating

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Craigery said...

I would like a t-shirt that states Neither Exclusive To Homosexuals Or Cowboys.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Haw! I debated that line, rephrased it, tried to find a better way...but I decided to stick with it as it was (1) true and (2) amusing.