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Monday, January 22, 2007


A couple of quick links.

* First, the Most People are DJs program has devoted part of the most recent podcast to Love the Way You Love, including spinning our tune. Go here to the post about it and download it from the link at the bottom.

* Second, the Eagle Awards have opened up their nominating ballot. I'm listed under Best Writer, and Joelle is up for Best Penciller. 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is already up there, too, for Best Cover and Original Graphic Novel. Please vote for us, and write in some more of my endeavors and cohorts. Love the Way You Love can be considered for Best Black-and-White Comic, Best New Comic, and Best Story, and Marc Ellerby is also eligible for Best Artist should you choose. I wrote in my editor, James Lucas Jones, for Best Editor.

Please also vote for Andi Watson and Little Star in their various categories (though, it's not an original graphic novel), Oni for Best Company, and Ande Parks for Best Inker!

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