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Monday, February 12, 2007


Brett Anderson releases the video for his first solo single, "Love is Dead," right on time. I've been waiting for the official release of this song since he performed it for the Dutch Royal Wedding a couple of years ago. The final, string-laden version is exactly what I've been waiting for. I can't think of anything more perfect to sum up how I feel these days.

Don't worry. My sense of irony is too well-developed to abandon my pursuits of romantic fiction. I rather like the idea of the author of a "Romance Trilogy" dying alone. It's not like I dated all that much when I wrote the other stuff, anyway.

In keeping with this theme, you can read a new Love the Way You Love-centric interview with me over at Newsarama where I am forced to justify my very existence. Can you tell I was getting really testy answering the questions? Insult to injury, there was supposed to be a 12 page preview of #4 with it, and they posted images from #1. What the fuck?

Just an FYI to the industry at large: the term comics does not have an implied "superhero" preceding it. Also, manga are, in fact, comic books, so you can't immediately exclude them, particularly in our marketplace these days. Manga is not a separate art form. You wouldn't talk to someone in film and ask, "Do you like movies?" and then say, "What about DVDs?" as if a movie isn't a movie if it is on DVD. A comic is still a comic even if it's from Japan.

Current Soundtrack: "Love is Dead" - lather, rinse, repeat. ("intelligent friends don't care in the end, believe me...")

Current Mood: dismissive

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