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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Oni Press has completely redesigned and redeployed its website. In addition to better looking pages about all the books, you can also search by creators. Cruise over and check things out.

Also, Nerve.com is having a special comics issue with new strips by my compatriots Andi Watson, Jim Mahfood, Paul Pope, and Chynna Clugston. Looking at that list, it would seem at least one of the editors at Nerve sleeps with a longbox full of the first year releases from Oni under his or her bed, doesn't it?


* The Amazing Screw-On Head, another Mike Mignola comic transitions to cartoons, but with mixed results

* Babel, a tower of a movie with impressive construction but nothing inside

* Eddie Murphy - Delirious, a classic stand-up performance from a consummate storyteller

* Ginger and Fred, a lament for and celebrtion of cinema by Federico Fellini

* Marie Antoinette, the DVD release of the Sofia Coppola biopic gives me a chance to revisit one of my favorite films of last year

* Performance, the quintessential trippy movie starring Mick Jagger

* Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, a good-time animated adventure with DC's adolescent heroes

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Chynna said...

Not to be off-topic, but your email seems to be bugging out- stuff I sent you four hours ago is still apparently being processed according to mailer-daemon. FYI.

Travis said...

Molly and I have been fairly lucky going to the movies lately (maybe because we only average one movie every month and a half?!)

But we had a while there when we pretty much swore off the entire experience all together. And I've been the "One and Only SHHHHHHUSH Guy" many a times. It sucks.