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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Did everyone get their San Diego hotels today? I got mine through Oni, not for lack of trying to get it on my own. At this point, I should be down there with Joëlle Jones and Marc Ellerby in tow.

In more soonish appearance news, I will be tagging along with Ms Jones for the Portland Comic Book Show on February 18 (link here, though it doesn't seem to be working). She is one of their featured guests. These shows are usually held at the Portland Convention Center.

For those a little higher North, we're also attending Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, March 31st and April 1st. We'll have our own table.

Finally, if you're planning farther ahead and more Southernly, Joëlle and I will also be attending this year's CAPE in Dallas, TX, on Free Comic Book Day, May 5. This event is hosted by Zeus Comics, winner of last year's Eisner for the Spirit of Retailing award. They still have last year's site up, but if this year is anything like it, it's going to be huge.

More Links:

* A new review of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, courtesy of Mondo!: "Actually, maybe that’s the greatest compliment I can pay to 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. I believe in the destiny of true love — in all its beauty and imperfections — perhaps now more than ever."

* I have created a brand-new MySpace page for Like A Dog. This will be the new, official, permanent place to get the music.

* For those anticipating You Have Killed Me, you can also join its hero's list of MySpace friends.

* ComicSpace continues to grow. My page now has several galleries. Check it out.

* Still time to give my compatriots and I votes in the Eagles. Here.

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