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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yesterday, de Guz hipped me to a Google feature that you can use to specifically search blogs. For the vain among us, you just go here and type in your own name, and voila.

My name can be tricky since my last name is an actual word, but I did turn up this nice link the Moon in the Gutter blog gave to my review of Marie Antoinette. (It should also be noted that Jennifer's post pointing out the Google search not only links to my review, as well, but she has a Marie avatar!)

I also found two reviews of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her I had not seen before.

Bananathing gets into the spirit of things by indulging in champagne for a reading of the book. Antonio even says, "One can't help but wonder if any of the graphic novels that DC comics will publish next year under its new Minx imprint will be half that good...That would be neat!" Ha, take that, Shelly Bond! Also, check the sidebar for the icons revered by this site. This is my audience!

Comics and More takes a thoughtful look at the book. Dave Ferraro writes, "The dialogue is really great. Gwen and Evan are my kind of people, into independent film, records and philosophy - very hipster. And the dialogue exchanged between the two is incredibly sharp, though maybe a little too polished to be classified as realistic. All-in-all, this was a really interesting examination of a relationship. While it didn't build toward a climax like a linear story, there was a certain amount of tension throughout as the missing links in their history were steadily revealed." He gives us a B+.

I think his last line--"It is a quieter sort of story, but one I think deserves a bit of praise."--could have used a little rewriting (if I may be so bold). I have the same problem when I review, when I feel I need to point out that a story is quiet. Have we come to accept that big and loud is the norm and so we have to indicate otherwise? As writers, we need to stop this. Dave's line, though, is set up as such that the second clause almost suggests that normally a quiet story might not deserve praise, that 12 Reasons bucks the trend. I doubt he meant that, but it stood out and, like I said, made me think about my own tendency to fall back on such an idea.

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Jennifer deG said...

"de Guz"? Heh. That was my handle back when I was editor on the high school paper.

If you type your name in Google with quotes around it, it will search for the whole phrase, so you'll get better results.

I think the problem with that last line is the use of "but." Why, my rhetoric prof would ask, is it "but" and not "and" or nothing at all, as if being quiet somehow equals an expectation that it does not deserve to be praised?