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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Sarah Disgrace tagged me with this a couple of days ago.

"The idea is once you're tagged, you post five little-known facts about yourself, and then tag five new bloggers. My facts - and my 'tags out' to my chosen five - are noted below." (Except, I will break the chain. No tags for me.)

It's taken me days to get around to doing it. I've written it in my head several times, but I have this odd thing about being confessional (ironic, yes?). If I haven't told you, chances are there is a reason, and I'm used to playing it close to the vest or keeping things in reserve. I feel like I'm loaning out my hammer when I know I'll need to sink some nails tomorrow. But, here goes...

1. I still pray every night before I go to bed.

2. When I hired J. Scott Campbell to do the first cover to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book, it was to be his first Dark Horse work. Prior to that, he said no one had ever asked him. Unfortunately, it got hung up in some ridiculous licensor approval problems. Namely, Buffy was too sexy and there was some argument over whether or not she looked scared. She was backing into a darkened room full of vampires, and Campbell drew her at the moment she was realizing there was something there. Not fear, but an "uh-oh." Trying to explain this to the artist, he was getting a little upset and taking it personal. In an effort to tell him that this wasn't his fault, I said the lamest thing I may have ever said as an editor: "Jeff, it's not you, it's them. You're great. We hire the big guns because they know how to shoot." Ben Abernathy had to leave the room, he was laughing so hard.

3. I kissed my first girl in kindergarten. I don't remember her name, but her breath tasted like pickles. We were running on the playground, and we ran into each other, and somehow it was our lips that collided.

4. The nastiest puke I ever had was on a family vacation when I was 4 or 5. We lived in Michigan until I was 7, and up until then, we took long road trips around the surrounding states every summer. There was one roadside drive-in diner where they served hot dogs and beer mugs of grape soda. Their mascot was a black-and-white bear--not so much a panda as a generic cartoon bear. I loved that place and looked forward to it every year. Then one year I puked it all up. I remember my dad cleaning my chunder off the concrete by filling the mugs with water and then splashing it across the hurl like he was bowling.

5. I edited comics for ten years, and in that time, there was only ever one creator who I refused to talk to while we were working on one of his books. (There are plenty who got banned after a book was published.) In the middle of the project, I told my assistant (Abernathy again) that I would not take his calls, that he'd have to make do talking to Ben. I had just had too much of him.

And there you have it. I'll admit to having chickened out when it comes to a couple of doozies I thought of, including one that involves 7-11 Slurpee cups of urine when I was 11 or 12. Perhaps another day!

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Travis said...

Everyone else must know you too well...I had no idea about ANY of these! Pray every night, eh? Very interesting...