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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

PEOPLE JUST AIN'T NO GOOD, part infinity +1

You'd be surprised how seriously people take their movies. By which I mean, how freaky and angry they get when they contact reviewers. I've learned to prepare myself for a few nasty missives when I have problems with the performance by an actor who has a loyal following, for instance. I got one note from an Edward Norton fan that I almost wanted to forward to Norton's people so they can put her on some list, because I'd almost guarantee that she's got a scary shrine to him in her apartment. And you can imagine what happened when I reviewed Apocalypto and wasn't afraid to call it like I saw it. Mel Gibson never so much as farted in the direction of a kitten before demon alcohol got a hold of him, it turns out.

But this one just surprised me so much, I have to share it:

I read your review of 'Eddie Murphy - Delirious' and...why did you have to come out like every other stereotypical limp-wristed writer and state how you're offended by the word 'faggot.' Who cares if he used faggot. You're the one who lamented the 'political correctness' of the 1990's and yet you have a problem with Eddie using the word? Seriously, all you writers have become soo sensitive given the fact you spend all day in an office and it must take your manhood away. Nothing is more pathetic than a straight male whose pro-gay. It's actually a relief to see a comic not afraid to state what's on macho guys' minds when they do see sissy acting homosexuals parading around. But you wouldn't know about that kind of mindset..cause you're kind of a sissy yourself.

Shit, he got me. I'm a sissy. And proud of it! I really want to write this dude back and just ask, "Are you hitting on me?" It probably wouldn't be worth it, though. I'd also kind of like to pull a Margaret Cho and post his e-mail and let anyone who reads this respond to this fathead. But I'll let it pass. Besides, I just mentioned Margaret Cho, so he's definitely got more proof of my lack of machismo.

The review is here. This is really all I wrote about the subject, though: "Twenty-four years after the fact, Delirious still seems scandalous, perhaps even more so after surviving political correctness in the 1990s. It's also still incredibly funny. Some of these bits--including the gay Mr. T (and the gay Honeymooners and Ricky Ricardo)--have taken on legendary status, and outside of the fact that Eddie could have chosen a better word to use than "faggot," it's not at all mean-spirited. Sure, it's dirty and a smidge adolescent, but it's not hateful. Some of the references are a little outdated--Reaganomics, calling AIDS "new," jokes about Michael Jackson being a ladies man--but the pop culture elements are big enough that they still retain their humor."

I'm sure my fan is actually just scared that I might make him think, or something. He'd hate that. Or maybe he caught himself looking at Eddie's ass in those red leather pants, and he's got to take it out on somebody.

The dude should actually wander over to that Newsarama interview I posted about on Monday. As if the rotten experience of this article couldn't get worse, read some of the comments. I love my fellow man.

Happy Valentine's Day!

My gift is that the March issue of Shojo Beat is out today. It has an article I wrote about White Day, and I was lucky enough to have them hire the superawesome Jen Wang to do the spot illo for it. She also has several other illustrations in the magazine, kind of like how Chynna contributed to last month's issue. The drawing she did for my piece is above, and it fits just right.

I'll take that, since no one loves me enough to take me to Camera Obscura tonight. *sniff* Love is dead.

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Jennifer said...

As Ron White says: "I told him, "We're all gay, man. It's just to what extent are you gay." He says, "That's bullshit man, I ain't gay at all!" I said, "Yes you are and I'll prove it." He says, "Fine, prove it." I said to him, "All right. Do you like porn?" He says, "Yeah, I love porn, you know that." I said, "Do you only watch two women doing it?" He said, "Naw, I'll watch a man and a woman make love." I said, "Oh, do you want the guy to have a tiny, half-flaccid penis?" He said, "Naw, man, I like big, hard, throbbing co.......I did not know that about myself...""

Jamie S. Rich said...

In my original draft of my review of The Good Shepherd, I had a bit about Matt Damon's intitiation in the Skull & Bones fratertiny. Lots of boys getting naked, wrestling, and even getting peed on. I said that these behind-doors antics was proof for my theory that when men are alone, they're all gay.

I cut it because I was in the middle of the Apocalypto furor, and I knew the joke would draw attention away from the rest of the piece.