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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Yes, that's a cheeky title.

The Friends of Lulu have opened their awards up to all comers, not just members. You can find the ballot here. May I suggest you take a second and nominate Joëlle Jones in the Kim Yale Newcomer category? I think it would be nice.

As for other categories, I also put June Kim and Amy Reeder Hadley in for Newcomers, and I followed all three of Tom Spurgeon's excellent suggestions for the Lulu of the Year and added my vote for Amanda Fisher as a Woman of Distinction. I also nominated Renee French for the Hall of Fame, along with Francesca Ghermandi.

But Joëlle. Vote Joëlle!

(Thanks to Rob for sending me this Joëlle commission of Snow White from Fables)

Coincidentally, this comes the same day that 12 Reasons Why I Love Her gets another excellent review, this time from Christine Pointeau at the Comic Book Bin:

"Then I found 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Glancing at the cover I thought, great, TWO women’s names on the cover, perfect, I’ll take it. Somehow, flipping through I missed that last page with a picture of the authors – Jamie is obviously a guy. Not to come down on the man, I was just looking for women in comics. But hey, these two make a great team because once I started reading, I had to finish."

Don't sweat it, Christine. As I was just noting myself in my last post, it may not be so obvious I'm a guy!

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Jenny said...

You're a dude? Seriously?

Christine said...

Hey Jamie,

Glad you found the review. Let me know when your and Joëlle's next team work comes out so I can pick it up.
Congrats once again on a job well done and thanks for the link.

Christine Pointeau