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Friday, May 18, 2007


The Friends of Lulu have selected their nominees for their awards this year, and I'm happy to report that my wonderful collaborator Joëlle Jones made the list for the Kim Yale Award for the Best New Female Talent. The voting is now open, and you have until June 30 to go and vote.

When you cast your ballot for Joëlle, I hope you will also toss a check mark toward my pal, the multi-talented Jennifer de Guzman, who has been nominated as a Woman of Distinction. She's up against the head of Vertigo and a DCU editor, so that's a pretty big deal for the editor in chief of an indie comics company. Then again, seeing how Vertigo poaches half of their talent from her (the other half comes from Oni), no one can say she doesn't belong. When she wins, we can all shout out, "De Guuuuuz!" (Just like that guy at the back of Wordloaf shouting out for Michael Chabon on The Simpsons.)

And, man, my other friend June Kim is going up against Joëlle. Any other year, June, you know that! I also dig that Abby Denson girl, but I have to vote for Alison Bechdel as Lulu of the Year. Sorry, June! Sorry, Abby! I know too many kick-ass women...


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