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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Dear Comic Book Internet:

I'm issuing a challenge to you.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 25, by my declaration, is "International Comic Book Shut the Fuck Up Day." I don't want anyone online to talk about comic books tomorrow. Don't review them, don't post news about them, don't blog, don't argue on message boards. Tomorrow, we will all crawl out of our asses and actually be in the world. You can read a comic book, but for once, why not just enjoy it in your head and shut the fuck up. You've had your face shoved in the clothes hamper sniffing your own dirty undies for a nearly two weeks now and it's all getting boring and silly. (Awww, who am I kidding? It's not getting boring and silly, it started out that way. And, no, not your issues, per se, but all the whining and the righteousness.) Better yet, don't just read comics during this radio silence, how about you create something? Write and draw the comic book you want to see rather than complain that it doesn't exist already. It'll be awesome. Go wild, indulge yourself, and do so free of embarrassment. (Yes, even you girls who are into octopi porn--and I know you're out there, coz girls can be pervs, too--can go ahead and draw your octopi porn.)

Now, you know I love you, Comic Books. I don't blame you. I don't even think you're special in this instance (though, I do know how much the comics world loves to pretend its most average and everyday problems are somehow unique and not like everything else everywhere). I know it's the internet's fault. It's made self-important turds out of people in just about every facet of society. We've become a culture that talks about doing stuff rather than actually doing it. This is our chance to lead the way. We will be a test balloon. If it works, next week we'll try music bloggers. Those geeks at Pitchfork will get a three-day weekend! And from there, we'll pick other topics. Celebrity gossip, perhaps?

So, if you're with me, don't say anything. Just be quiet tomorrow. I realize the worst offenders won't jump on board, but we'll pay them no mind. When you Google feed updates with comic book news tomorrow, hit "mark all as read" and pass right over it. If it's worth knowing, it will all be there, smelling just as fresh, on Saturday. If it's not, what did you miss?

Bringing you a noise-free society,
Jamie S. Rich

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Craigery said...

Hooray for Bananarama!
That's all it takes to get me on board...
Of course, unless you snagged your title from a source a tad more... obscure....

mcoale said...

Should we just continue to spend all day talking about the LOST season finale? That's pretty much what much of my "net day" has been, not much about comics.

Branden said...


Well said, Jamie. Enjoy your day doing things.

Jenny said...

I'm thinking about buying some ruffly purple basil. If I plant the ruffly purple basil in the same pot as my ruffly green basil, they'll sort of crossbreed in a way as the green basil will get purple tinged outsides, and the purple basil will get green tinged outsides. But this isn't like real new species crossbreeding, but they just start to look like each other when they grow up near each other.

Weird, huh?