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Saturday, May 19, 2007


The Elusive Corporal

Sorry It's been a while since I updated. It's been a busy week of catching up. Hence, quite a few DVD reviews:


* Army of Shadows - Criterion Collection, Jean-Pierre Melville's awe-inspiring portrayal of the French Resistance in WWII Paris

* ER - The Complete Seventh Season , another great year for the television powerhouse

* The Fountain, a masterwork of sci-fi philosophy by Darren Arronofsky

* Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron, the second cartoon feature starring MIke Mignola's whacky paranormal investigators

* Jean Renoir Collector's Edition, a set of seven films from both ends of the French director's illustrious career

* Peach Girl - vol. 1, the first DVD release of the anime adaptation of the Miwa Ueda manga series

* The Third Man - Criterion Collection, the double-disc reissue of Carol Reed's supreme British noir

Jean-Pierre Melville at work

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odessasteps said...

Oddly enough, I acutally read most of those today on the dvdtalk page before you posted the links here.

I was poking around the site doing research and saw your reviews pop up.

Looks like my DVD spending is going up again, especially with the IMF season 2 disc coming in a couple weeks.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Why is IMF ringing no bells?

odessasteps said...

Impossible Missions Force

writing M:I makes most people think of the movies. >: