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Monday, May 07, 2007


Joëlle and I are home from Dallas, where Bride of CAPE 2007 went swimmingly. Not a lot to report, really. Good hosts, good fans, good sales. Hopefully I can get my hands on Joëlle or Martin's photos as they will show you what it was like and that will be much better, especially when it comes to the live art show (where Joëlle wowed onlookers with her late entry painting of a couple of lovely ladies) or the costume contest (never seen so many kids in cute, cute costumes).

I did some dancing at the live art show, with Jim Mahfood on the decks. The bastard sucker punched me, though, by throwing on the super extended version of the Cure's "Hot, Hot, Hot," which is coincidentally the first Cure record I ever bought, the 12" vinyl back in the day, and so of course I couldn't abandon the floor when it came up, even though I was melting in the Texas humidity. I think I got a week's worth of exercise in that night alone. (On the dance thing, currently having an indecisive crisis about returning to class tonight. I'm knackered and sick of people on top of all the other issues I have with the dance class experience, so it's currently a conflict of anxiety vs. shame. I'm almost thinking I want a pedicure instead!)

Anyway, big thanks to Richard and everyone at Zeus Comics for having us, and Martin Griffin and Ian "Speckled Eggs" Shaughnessy for giving us a place to sleep and driving us around.

On returning, I discovered two things waiting for me. One, being sucked into a Spider-Man 3 review in an unexpected way.

Two, remember how I posted that Mike Holmes caricature of me from Shenanigans and complained how much it didn't look like me? Well, Mike sent me a response:

Hey Jamie -

Never wanting to take offense at criticism, but LEARN from it and be a better human person, I fired this off tonight with a brush pen.



I may have been better off with the other one. The all-too-chilling accuracy of this caricature reveals that were they to make a movie about my life, I'd be played by Andy Dick.

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Maryanne said...

If you hadn't mentioned that you were tired of people, I'd have said to buck up and go to class. As it is, however, I think you should get a pedicure and promise yourself you'll go next week, and then do it. If you were to go this week you'd just have a sucky time and never go back. Just my 2 cents. :)

Eliza said...

Ummm... that drawing is amaaaazing.