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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


On sale this week...Madman Atomic Comics #2!

Edited by me, which means I read it and say, "Neat! Add a comma to that panel there! Now, go!" But seriously, the most mind-bending, gorgeous artwork of Mike and Laura Allred's career.

Rumor is, my own comic (along with Marc Ellerby) will have its fourth issue on the stands next week. I'll believe it when I see it.

On sale last week, and having fuck all to do with me, but written by the rockstar Kelly Sue DeConnick...30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #1.

Not a fan of the franchise myself, but I dug this issue. So, go ahead and jump in cold. Don't believe me? Let Kelly Sue charm you.

And seriously, would you let this man live in your neighborhood?

This was taken for my press pass to the Platform Animation Festival, but I look like I belong on a flier warning the community that a registered sex offender has moved in up the street.

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robert plastorm said...

You look like a British ex-rock star who, now off drugs and high on life, is in town to promote his new "come-back" album.

mcoale said...

'no truth to the rumor this was taken of Elvis Costello while leaving rehab.'

steve said...

This is the first I've heard of Platform, but it sounds interesting. Too short to do anything about it for this year, but I'll have to see if any of the other animation students I'm in school with would be interested in making the trek west for next year. Will you post a review about it here?

Jamie S. Rich said...

I'll try to write something here. One of the beautiful things about getting to go, though, is I don't have to write about it. It seems rare anymore that I can watch something and not have to review it.

steve said...

Haha, I understand. If you don't write about it, would it be ok if afterwords I emailed you about things in specific? (or would that still be writing about it?)

Jamie S. Rich said...

Yeah, questions would be fine. That means I don't have to think about how to put it together on my own.