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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We are a week away from Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Oni Press has sent us our schedule, and myself, Joëlle Jones, and Marc Ellerby will be signing together once a day on all four main days. If you are looking to meet any of us, here are the times to do it:

1:30 to 2:50

10:30 to 11:50

3:00 to 4:20

3:00 to 4:20

Saturday, Joëlle will also be on the Minx panel at noon. Why? That's something you're going to have to go find out for yourself.

All of us will have things to sell at the show. I'll be carrying around copies of "Chevelu" and also handing out double-sided Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?/You Have Killed Me postcards.

Marc will have copies of his minicomic The Venal Muse and a new collection of Polar Opposites strips. He'll also be hawking a four-pack of buttons, including one of Lance from Love the Way You Love.

Joëlle has made another collection of her sketches, and she'll be selling copies of that along with leftovers from the Dallas show we did. In addition, she has handprinted some silk screened T-shirts to promote You Have Killed Me:

This particular shirt is mine, and I chose the style and the color of the design. I think Joëlle has made about 10 for the show, with different colored shirts and different inks, and a variety of sizes for girls and boys. If you want one of these bad boys, come early, because they are sure to go fast. I believe the price is going to be $20, but that is subject to change. ("Chubby Four-Eyes" action figure sold separately. And he will be wearing pants in person.)

Once we get back from the show, we may work out how to sell these online, made to order, but right now, neither of us has the time to worry about it.


If anybody is looking to get commissions from either Marc or Joëlle and want to preorder so they will be ready when you get to the show, drop me a line at golightly[at]confessions123.com and we can set something up. Obviously, these will be on an individual sheet of paper and not in your sketchbook. If you want those, you'll have to deal with it at the show.

Now, if our registration confirmation for the the con would just show up in the mail, we'd be all set...

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