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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



It's one of the most visually exciting comics I've ever seen. I don't really want to tell you why, you just have to see it. In the last issue Mike Allred reinvented the recap page (every page from the previous issue reprinted in miniature on a single intro page), this month he practically reinvents comics. All in the name of taking the disparate elements of his character and the way he has changed over the years and mashing them into one Madman, like making new soap out of the left-over bits from old bars of soap.

Think about it. Madman has been being published for over 15 years now. Gargantua, which finally starts shipping out to stores this week (ever so slowly), collects all of these stories, and the reason the character became so fractured is that he has reflected Mike's growth over the years. While no time would pass in the fictional world, plenty of time would pass for the artist, and since Madman has always been a surreal autobiography, a sort of psychological dump, if you will, for its creator, stuff was bound to get wonky.

I think people are going to be surprised.

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JPK said...

The recap page is stellar. Can't wait for this next one.