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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Some of you may remember two years ago when Oni held their first talent search. I was one of four writers (or five, since Chynna Clugston and Ian Shaughnessy teamed up) who contributed five-page scripts in their speciality genre for aspiring artists to work from. I did a story called "Me & the Cat Own the Lease on the Flat" that I thought was rather nice, but little came of it. Of the artists found (such as Mike Holmes), they had drawn other people's stories. I was told we got quite a few versions of "Me & the Cat," including one where inexplicably the humans were drawn as bunnies (though I assume the cat was still a cat) and one by Noel Tuazon, who draws Elk's Run. His was, of course, good, but it was like, "Why is the guy who draws Elk's Run doing a try-out contest?" That's dedication and humility, folks.

Anyway, this was about two months before I met Joëlle Jones, so even though the contest didn't yield results as far as my books were concerned (Noel is great, but wasn't the style I was looking for as far as my fluffy stuff; I believe Oni was interested in him for other stuff, though), I was covered. Low and behold, though, cut ahead to now, and she has drawn "Me & the Cat" for an anthology Image will publish in the fall called Popgun. Here is an amazing page of it:

Page 3, "Me & the Cat," drawn by Joëlle Jones

This should be a pretty cracking book from the look of the line-up. Mark A. Smith, part of the Amazing Joy Buzzards team, is putting it together. David Crosland, Jim Mahfood, Corey Lewis, Marc Ellerby, Mike Allred, and a bunch more are scheduled to be in it.

The book is in color, and Keith Wood will be taking care of that on our story.

Here is the cover:

We're already signed up for volume 2. We're doing an eight-page boxing story called "The Jailhouse Swing." It's a period piece.

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Maryanne said...

Who is that cover? (Apparently I don't believe in grammar today.)

Jamie S. Rich said...

Dunno who the cover is. Curious why I'm not getting notifications about my comments being left, though...

Travis said...

I was very tempted to draw up your story, but Chynna and Ian's took place inside a comic convention and gave me the chance to draw Trekies...