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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Continuing the Transformers debate, Robert Plastorm has posted his own very thoughtful and considered review of the film. Read it here.


And now, other movies...


* The Bow, another thinker from Kim Ki-Duk

* Elvis Costello & the Brodsky Quartet: The Juliet Letters, a disappointing promo DVD for a very good album

* Pet Shop Boys: Cubism in Concert, the megacool document of the most recent PSB tour

* Pathfinder, a terribly dull and muddled Viking vs. Indians movie, complete with comic book tie-in

* Steal Me, an inconsistent indie drama from Melissa Painter

Current Soundtrack: Arctic Monkeys (again) and Mod-ified Music's "Lost in Space" podcast episode

Current Mood: listless

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mcoale said...

have you mentioned the Tom Jones' cover of the arctic monkey's song from the Diana concert last week?do

Jamie S. Rich said...

Actually, I paid no attention to those concerts, so that was news to me. I found it on YouTube. It's pretty cool. Sugababes maybe do it better, though.

If you can find the Monkeys covering Amy Winehouse, it's pretty good in return.

mcoale said...

I only found out about it when I was reading all the stuff about Ricky Gervais' performance at the show.

(Gervais, btw, is performing with Spinal Tap at the 7.7.07 concert.)