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Wednesday, July 04, 2007



Tonight, Mason and I hit a farewell party for Scott McCloud, who has been in Portland for about a week now. There we talked to Jacquelene Cohen (formerly of Top Shelf, now at Dark Horse) and the cool artist Erika Moen, who works for Fashion Buddha, hosts for the soiree.

From there, we traveled to the Boiler Room, where our favorite karaoke jockey Dr. Love (he of Cinema Queso) was working the decks. Almost instantly after arriving, some drunk dude told me I reminded him of the Keymaster, but when I asked, "Rick Moranis?" he seemed very confused. We think he meant the Pagemaster. He then proceeded to bug me for several minutes about how you burn .avi files of bootleg movies to DVD. It was strange.

The place was packed because it was the day before a holiday, so most of us only got one song in. Mason pumped out "Bossa Nova Baby," Joëlle sang "All My Loving," and I had a blast singing "A Town Without Pity." I also duetted with our friend Sonja on "Something Stupid," and Andy joined with David Bowie's "Modern Love."

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Jenny said...

Is "Dr. Love" code for "J-Lu?"