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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So, a little more on those interesting things I referenced as going on earlier this week. I actually got a call to pitch a superhero one-shot. It's going pretty well and actually moving at a surprisingly fast speed.

It was good timing on behalf of the commissioning editor, because otherwise I'd be bummed right now. Earlier today, I got two confirmations that two projects I had been pitching would not be happening, so it's a bit of a mood saver that I was asked to try something else.

Not that the rejections were painful "you suck" rejections or anything. One was for a young adult franchise that Joëlle and I had created and shown to Ben Abernathy at Wildstorm. That was less of a "no" and more of a "not right now." Plus, it's our property so it's still in play. It's actually with our agents right now, and any movers and shakers out there who might be interested in knowing more, contact Baker's Mark. This is my second go-around with Ben, the first being a Friday the 13th twofer that didn't make it past New Line before the line of licensed horror Wildstorm is doing got retooled. He and I plan to keep talking.

The second rejection was for a reboot of Shade the Changing Man I had been developing all summer for Bob Schreck at Vertigo. The long synopsis still needed some work, but I think there were some good ideas in there; unfortunately, word came down that the powers-that-be weren't looking to reboot any of the old school Vertigo characters right now, so it was taken off the board. I was always a little daunted by the prospect of following up Milligan. It felt a little sacrilegious. So, in that sense, I guess it's all right.

On the independent front, I've been working on an idea for artist Mike Holmes to draw and it's coming together nicely, creating fascinating divergences. It's yet another challenge for me, tackling yet another wrinkle on a favorite genre. We're still working out the details, but so far I've been enjoying the development process.

Visit Mike's blog and see the cool music video he directed.

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