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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Okay, so some pretty fantastic news to lead.

If you recall, last week I posted that a new opportunity had come my way, and now this week it has been made official. I can't tell you exactly what, as that will be for the fine folks in the marketing department at DC Comics to do.

Yes, you read that right. DC Comics.

Last week, wunderkind on the rise Jann Jones called me up and said she had a project she wanted to do and she thought I would be perfect for it. I love when editors do this. So often when you pitch it's more like scooping up two handfuls of darts and lobbing them into the air with your eyes closed. When you open them, you see if any of the darts actually stuck.

It's a totally other matter when the editor has something in mind and knows why they want you to do it. Even better, Jann had already run the idea by Dan Didio and he signed off on it, so most of the battle was won. We did two drafts on a synopsis, and then it went up to Paul Levitz, and now it's a go.

So, as it were, some time next year, DC will be publishing a prestige-format one-shot written by me, 48 pages of story. The actual book and who is drawing it will be details I will share as soon as I can, but I will say that I am very excited, Jann Jones is very smart, and this is the kind of project that makes perfect sense for me to be doing, thus making my work-for-hire debut for the big companies a project that should marry the best of what I do with the best of what they do.


In other news, Joëlle Jones was nominated as Outstanding Artist in the first annual Stumptown Trophy Awards.

The winners will be chosen by attendees at the show, so please come and please vote for her so that she wins and I won't be in trouble. After San Diego, she didn't want to be in another awards show, but when this one came along, she left it up to me. I didn't read closely enough when I filled out the form and thought that anyone who wanted to be nominated would be, so I figured at least we'd lose together. Well, as it turns out, they pared the choices down to a handful and I didn't make the cut as a writer, so now she wins or loses alone, and she's gonna be mad at me for pushing her out there.

More disappointing than my not being nominated is the fact that the Love the Way You Love collection not listed with the other books for Outstanding Debut. What's up with that? If anything, this particular category should be like SPX and anyone who wants to participate should be allowed. Not to mention at least one of the books that is on the ballot came out last week. Sure, it makes the list long when very debut is considered, but what's great at SPX is that the list of nominees gives people a selection of new books to come looking for. No such luck.

Of course, I also haven't heard from Oni that the book is done, so at this juncture, who the fuck knows?

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Anonymous said...

Congratlations on the Tyroc book!


Jamie S. Rich said...

I happily don't get that joke. (I thought he was a Valiant book or something? Didn't he have a son?)

Anonymous said...

No, ha ha. Legion of Super-Heroes.



Dan said...

As a huge DC Fanboy, that's great news to hear! Congrats! Can't wait to see what it is.

odessasteps said...

DC must be bringing back Young Love or Young Romance. :>

steve said...

That's awesome news Jamie! Can't wait to actually find out what the project is... but I have faith in you as a writer, so you can just about lock me up for whatever it is! Still... want to know! Again, congrats! :)