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Monday, September 24, 2007


...that Jennifer de Guzman mentioned Love the Way You Love in her latest "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" column. She lists it as one of the "modern romance comics" she's been enjoying. I would tell you where in the column, but then you wouldn't have to read the whole thing, which would be unfair, since I suspect this is all a trick on Jennifer's part to see if I am actually reading her musings. Mark this one in the win column for me, then.

And for the record, I would never comment on Jennifer's looks, because let's be honest, she's so terribly average. I mean, would you even notice this girl if she wasn't standing next to a pale British boy who had his comb confiscated by airport police?

Besides, she only reads Love the Way for the art of that selfsame British boy, anyway. She likely just skims the balloons.

(Last time I posted something about Marc Ellerby with a photo, I got accused of having a "man crush" on him. What secret message does this post convey, then?)

By the by, I'm not at home, not on my computer, so in an attempt to find my own Flickr account, I searched on my name, and this popped up.

I love that I found this! The guy who posted the sketch got Joëlle Jones to draw it at Emerald City and then asked me to caption it. Usually, in such a situation, I blank out completely and resort to writing something dirty. In this case, I didn't want to do that and so just went Zen and wrote what popped in my head. I think it's cute!

And something not cute I found? I call this "Still Life: Fatty with Neal Shaffer." Fleeing criminals could elude the police by hiding in my shirt.

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Jennifer said...

The flash caught my face so that I look like some pale-faced goth. Or that tan I got totally made my make-up mismatch my skin. Oh dear.

neal s said...

Hey, that's me! And I don't look entirely stupid!

You're a good man, Jamie Rich.

Marc Ellerby said...

How come most of the photos of me at San Diego involve sticking my fingers up at you?

See also this

That night was fun. Although wrestling Joelle to the ground wasn't one of my best moments.