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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Congrats to Joëlle Jones for winning the first ever Stumptown Comics Fest Trophy Award for Outstanding Artist, as voted on by the show's attendees. She was nominated based on her work in 12 Reasons Why I Love Her.

Clockwise left to right: Jennifer Simmons & Greg Thompson of the CBLDF; Andy Throckmorton; Joëlle Jones.* We were at Filbert's in Portland, OR, enjoying a meal after the first day of the Stumptown Comics Fest. It was during this dinner we found out that Joëlle had won. We weren't there as Joëlle was award show shy after her losses at Comic Con. We were immediately texted first by our editor at Oni Press, James Lucas Jones, and then our agent Bernadette Baker. About an hour or so later, Mason West texted, as well, saying, "Apparently joelle won something." A nose for news, that one!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

The creme brulee was excellent.

Check out Joëlle's sketches
from the first day of the show.

* Not pictured: Fifth-wheel Jamie "'S She Really Going Out With Him" Rich.

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Greg McElhatton said...

YAY! That's fantastic news... congratulations!

Chynna Clugston said...

Congratulations to Joelle!!!