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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Joëlle Jones has finished making her T-shirts for Stumptown, including the You Have Killed Me design she had at San Diego and the new 12 Reasons Why I Love Her design.

Here is some boho hunk modeling his 12 Reasons shirt:

Mine is the only burgundy shirt. I picked it out for myself after we had chosen all of the other shirts. You'll also note that the "Reasons" that was in the original design is gone. After Joëlle had made the first three, the screen tore and this was the easiest fix for her to do. I actually like it. Particularly with the placement of the number 12 over the breast, it's like a sports jersey almost.

She has also made a reprint edition of the sketchbook she had at CAPE, though now this time at the proper 8.5" X 5.5" size. I'm sure we'll bring the couple San Diego books remaining, too.

Me? I'll just stand there and try not to make people think, "Cor, what's she doing with him?"

Current Soundtrack: still the director's commentary on Bram Stoker's Dracula (review coming to DVDTalk.com tonight!)

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Shawn said...

Where are these sweet-ass shirts availible?

Jamie S. Rich said...

They were just made for the Stumptown Comics Fest so far, but when that is over, we'll sell the remainders and hopefully eventually be able to offer them regularly once Joëlle has a supply account going.

ADC said...

That designs a beaut! I would love one of those shirts dem.
And congrats on the forthcoming DC gig!