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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oh, it's so quiet around here. It's been an interesting, busy week. For one, you will not believe how many extras there are on the Knocked Up DVD. It's going to take me a month to review it.

But other interesting things are happening, too. I've got a new special project with Tokyopop, and some other hush hush writing developments that no one will even be able to guess even if anyone cared enough to try. It's all pretty cool, though. Just you wait.

In the meantime, check this cover art Marc Ellerby did for the sixth issue of Love the Way You Love.

Love the Way You Love #6

At this point, I think the book is going to be out in early November. That gives any newbies plenty of time to get the forthcoming trade paperback of the first three and then 4 and 5 and get all caught up. James at Oni said the cover proof for the tpb looks good, and so it should be available at Stumptown. I also went shopping with Joëlle today to get shirts and she's going to silkscreen some more You Have Killed Me shirts and a new 12 Reasons design.

Speaking of, Mike and Laura Allred are confirmed for the show. Their only appearance in 2007. You must come.

#4 of Madman Atomic Comics is on sale today.

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odessasteps said...

did you happen to get the Johnny Cash Show DVD? I've heard good things.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I think I saw a glimpse of a compilation of performances from that show on PBS over the weekend. Johnny Cash singing with Joni Mitchell was interesting.

My DVD pile is insane. Only like six movies, but massive extras!

Anonymous said...

Awesome on the new book coming in November! :) I'm curious about the TOKYOPOP thing though... whatever can it be?


Jamie S. Rich said...

The Tokyopop thing is another rewrite, but it's a one-shot, a different kind of manhwa. I don't see any reference to it online, so I probably shouldn't say what it is (not that it's famous or nothin').