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Friday, September 14, 2007


Joëlle Jones already posted this on her blog, along with other stuff from the book, but I like this page from You Have Killed Me quite a bit.

For some reason, the punch makes me think of John Wayne throwing down in The Quiet Man, a film the both of us like. Actually, I saw it in 9th Grade in English class, to go with the short story which they made us read. Being a dumb kid, I rejected it and have only recently watched it again because Joëlle said I should. Boy, what a dumb kid I was.

Anyway, I've always had this image of Wayne in my head, but I guess it's not as famous of a still as I thought since it didn't pop up on a Google search. The closest I found was this little bit in the bottom corner of this poster.

I mentioned it to Joëlle, and she had no idea what I was talking about, so this connection is just a product of my ridiculous brain.

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1 comment:

Chynna Clugston said...

That looks fantastic!

... And The Quiet Man is a good flick. Jon got me to watch it a couple years ago, he's been a fan of that one for a long time.