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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today I begin a week of guest blogging over at CBR, all to celebrate You Have Killed Me and the criminal renaissance in comics. To start off, I wrote a piece called "My Criminal Record," and it details four of my favorite crime-related comics from my editing career, including the little-known Patrick McEown story "Wanted Man," printed in Dark Horse Presents #130.

Read the whole article here.

And since everyone else is doing it, I made myself into a Mad Men character.

Now, you!

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Jay Potts said...

I just read your article at Robot 6. Is there any chance that Dark Horse might reprint "Wanted Man" or include it as part of their online comics initiative. It's absolutely beautiful!

Jamie S. Rich said...

There are no plans for the story I am privy to. Maybe someone over there will see the article, though. You never know.