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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Cross-posted with my Criterion blog...

Mark Coale, editor of Odessa Steps and contributor to the Beat over at Publisher's Weekly, posted an interview he did with me last summer when we thought You Have Killed Me would be out in the fall. It's now on his Earth Three blog, and you can read the entirety of it here.

In this opening quote, we even address the delays, which could apply to the interview, as well. :)

The downside of a high standard is that it's been taking longer than we hoped. She's doing the tones by hand, using Japanese zip-a-tone that isn't as easy to come by as it once was, but it's giving the book a real classic appeal. We both loved the Dark Horse reprint of It Rhymes With Lust, and the tones look a lot like that. I haven't really seen anyone use this process since Guy Davis on The Marquis. Even Steve Lieber has gone digital for the third Whiteout series. Joëlle is very exacting, cutting even individual bricks for brick walls. Though, amusingly, every time she does a sign by hand, she misspells the name. So, we have clubs and hotels and things that will need some fixing.

Awww, now I feel like a meanie for saying that last part.

Note: the image in the link is the one Joëlle did for Mark's mag, and the black-and-white line art is what we are using for the Comic Con bookplate.

Fingers crossed that this book will finally be in stores this week!

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