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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Joëlle Jones has an interview on CBR, a companion piece to the one I did. Both were conducted by Alex Dueben, who did a great job. Anybody else getting excited for You Have Killed Me?

Here's a tease:

Did you have much to do with the writing or the direction of the book?

A little bit. I wanted to draw certain things and Jamie would make scenes around them. I really love the horse races and I really wanted to draw the horse races. I like gambling. [laughs] So he made a scene for me so I could draw the horse races. I thought what a fun thing it would be to draw it. It would give me an excuse to go to the horse races. [laughs] There were a few other things. He had no problem with me going in and changing something I felt didn’t really work in the writing. He didn’t put up much of a fight. In that way I definitely had the run of it visually without too much direction.

There is this scene where Mercer’s supposed to be drawing these stick figures on a fogged over mirror but you’re supposed to see his reflection through the stick figures. I tried to draw that thing I don’t know how many times with the old-fashioned zip tones I have and it never worked. So I took the essence of it as he’s trying to figure out what’s going on and I drew him smoking in a bathtub. [laughs] I think Jamie’s happy with it now. It took a lot of convincing him that it was the best decision.

The rest in the link.

Cory at Oni has said the books arrived at the office, so they should be hitting Diamond very soon.

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